Wide range of electric ball valves depending on your space conditions

Small in size and big in performance is the compactly designed and powerful stainless steel ball valve TRI-MOTORVALVE INOX-MINI Failsafe. This ball valve with failsafe function is used in many places in fluid technology.

Safety thanks to failsafe function

A 2-wire cable controls the electric motor. As soon as the electrical supply line is interrupted or the power fails, the ball valve automatically returns to the home position. This is controlled by the Failsafe safety function. The valves are supplied as normally closed (N.C.) or normally open (N.O.) in the voltages 24VDC or 230VAC. The wetted parts are available in stainless steel, PTFE and EPDM and are resistant to many media. The mini ball valves are also available as a 3-way variant or PVC version.

5 reasons why you should use the TRI-MOTORVALVE INOX-MINI Failsafe ball valve instead of a solenoid valve:

  1. compact: the Failsafe ball valve is even smaller in dimension than a solenoid valve with the same connection threads.
  2. pressure shocks in the pipes are a thing of the past, as the running time is approx. 5 seconds.
  3. no obstruction for the medium, neither swirling nor clogging.
  4. low power consumption
  5. no minimum pressure necessary

We also have the right product for you for aggressive media and higher pressures or nominal sizes up to 2"/DN50. Then the electrically operated stainless steel ball valves TRI-MOTORVALVE INOX/-INOX-S or TRI-MOTORVALVE INOX FAILSAFE with failsafe function come into play.

Test a real sample in your process

Order your sample free of charge for three months. This way you can test TRI-MATIC products in practice right away.

We will also be happy to provide you with drawings, circuit diagrams and 3D models. All dimensions of the failsafe ball valves can be found in the data sheets TRI-MOTORVALVE INOX-MINI FAILSAFE, TRI-MOTORVALVE INOX FAILSAFE and TRI-MOTORVALVE INOX.

Test a real sample in your process and get a location determination in practice. Contact us right away at +41 (0)41 780 22 22 or info@tri-matic.ch.