What is pneumatics? Basics, areas of application and advantages

Pneumatics is a branch of mechanics that deals with the behaviour of gases, in particular with the use of compressed air. TRI-MATIC offers technologically leading products in the field of pneumatics for controlling mechanical systems. Read more about the basics of pneumatics and the areas of application for which you can use them here.

What is pneumatics? A simple explanation of how it works

The principle of pneumatics is based on the fact that mechanical movement can be generated by compressing air. In pneumatics, compressed air is used as an energy source to fulfil various tasks. A compressor generates the compressed air, which is transported through pipes or hoses to various mechanical components. These components include valves, cylinders, motors and other mechanical elements.

Put simply, compressed air is used to set pistons or other moving parts in motion. For example, when compressed air is fed into a piston cylinder, the piston moves in the desired direction due to the pressure of the air. By controlling the air pressure and flow, the force and speed of the piston are precisely controlled.

Pneumatics: application

TRI-MATIC pneumatics can be used in various industries. These include applications with pneumatic fittings, in industrial robots, distribution and assembly systems or packaging machines. They are used to precisely control production and conveyor systems or to quickly and efficiently automate assembly and packaging processes.

Pneumatics: advantages at a glance

The use of our pneumatics in automation technology offers you a number of advantages. The possible applications are diverse. Pneumatic systems can sometimes be used in potentially explosive areas. Another advantage of pneumatics is the ability to control movement processes with a high repetition rate and high precision requirements very precisely. The pneumatic systems react quickly and reliably, allowing processes to be accelerated enormously.

We guarantee you high-quality and durable products and components from our own product range and renowned manufacturers, so that the operating costs of the systems used are low thanks to their ease of maintenance.

All in all, pneumatics is an efficient and reliable method of automating processes in industry. Do you need more information on pneumatics basics or other specific topics? Our experts will be happy to help you at any time. Contact us at +41 41 780 22 22 or info@tri-matic.ch.