TRI-CLAMP ball valves for sterile applications

Sterile applications in aggressive and non-aggressive environments in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical and biotechnology industries place high demands on all components used in the process. That is why manufacturers and plant constructors in these sectors rely on TRI-CLAMP for ball valves, fittings and pipe connectors, because the highest level of cleanliness and aseptic standards must be observed.

TRI-CLAMP connections are part of a world-leading hygienic system for aseptic piping with smooth and corrosion-free surfaces throughout. Plants, processes and machinery are protected from contamination and impurities thanks to TRI-CLAMP. TRI-CLAMP is also ideally suited for CIP and SIP sterilisation.

There are three different standards for TRI-CLAMP worldwide: DIN, ISO and BS. They are used for different standards of tube sizes. TRI-MATIC offers a range of 2-way or 3-way TRI-CLAMP ball valves according to the corresponding standards, connections and manual, electric or pneumatic operation. Compressed air is available in almost all industrial plants and is used for pneumatic applications. Wherever electrical power is not available, ball valves can be operated easily and cost-effectively.

We supply TRI-CLAMP ball valves for applications in potentially explosive atmospheres in explosion-proof design or, if required, with quality certificates such as the 3.1 certificate or FDA documents for the sealing materials. We have a large warehouse in Hünenberg ZG and also offer short delivery times for special designs or larger quantities.

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