Trends in industrial automation

Software and data are important in industrial automation. Data-driven solutions can reduce downtimes, further improve product quality and increase automation. It is also easier to implement and initially cheaper to automate individual components.

Avoid failures, prevent downtimes

The trend is moving towards digital transformation. This includes analysing and managing valves and associated components based on the actual conditions in the applications and systems. In the case of automated valves, this can be achieved through feedback from control boxes or digital control units. Intelligent valves can report on their own status and indicate potential problems or a valve failure before it actually occurs. Customers and users are increasingly focussing on preventive maintenance.

The future of industrial automation

Overall, industrial automation - including in the area of assembly production and pneumatics - offers a wide range of benefits for companies. Customers also benefit from the increase in efficiency and precision in production. In the long term, costs can be saved through automated and optimised processes. The automation solutions are diverse. They now range from all-inclusive options to affordable options. This means that even with a small budget, small automation steps can be realised.

Companies can therefore utilise the opportunities offered by automation while successfully overcoming the challenges and requirements of the times. To do this, internal processes must be analysed in detail, potentials recognised and the best individual solution developed. Whether complete production processes or individual processes and components: Automation has a lot of potential. One positive aspect is that the technologies for industrial automation are constantly evolving. If companies also continue to develop flexibly, they will remain competitive with the help of automation with their automated production processes and will be ideally equipped for future challenges.

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