Solutions for pressure and temperature measurement

Whether for filling systems in the food, beverage, medical or chemical industries: pressure and temperature measurement technology is an indispensable part of the control system. TRI-MATIC's pressure sensors and immersion probes are available in various designs.

Safety and reliability are our top priorities

Whether for filling lines in the food, beverage, medical or chemical industry: pressure transmitters and temperature sensors have become an integral part of the control system. Whether for measuring pressure and fill level in containers with immersion probes and fill level sensors or for measuring pressure in pipes and system parts with pressure sensors.

The pressure sensors from TRI-MATIC are available in different versions and with various mechanical connections, especially for the food industry with dairy pipe fittings, flush diaphragms and Tri-Clamp or Varivent® connections.

Immersion probes are used for measuring levels in tanks and containers. For level measurement, the immersion probe is immersed in the medium and placed as close as possible to the bottom of the tank. In the tank, the sensor detects the hydrostatic pressure which derives the current level.

Various input parameters are required to control plants and sub-processes. The measured values are transmitted from the pressure and temperature sensors to the plant control system and processed there. Based on the changing electrical input signals in the process automation, this control system then regulates actuators, rotary or variable speed drives which influence and adjust the flow rate or temperature.

Depending on the size of the plant, the measuring points are sometimes far apart. Therefore, a reliable and accurate measurement of the parameters is essential. An essential advantage of electrical automation is the good transmission of electrical signals over long distances.

The high-quality products and solutions for pressure and temperature measurement technology from TRI-MATIC offer many advantages:

  • Robust processing
  • Precise sensor technology
  • Calibration and service from one source
  • Manufactured according to the Safety Integrity Level SIL for reliable and safe plants
  • From smallest quantities to large series

Functional safety places high demands on the measuring devices in process plants. Hazards to people, the environment and material assets should be reduced to a minimum thanks to high-quality safety devices. Many products and solutions from TRI-MATIC are manufactured according to the Safety Integrity Level SIL. This guarantees a reliable and safe function of your plant.

Automate individual movements or entire plants step by step. Benefit from an individual solution in electrical automation that is exactly tailored to your application.

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