For the sake of the environment: Repairing electrical drives and using them for a long time

If you use electronic devices for a long time, you are helping the environment. Nowadays, however, more and more electronic devices are being replaced instead of repaired when they become defective. TRI-MATIC wants to counteract this development with its repair service. For TRI-MATIC, repairing instead of throwing away also means sustainability, because it doesn't always have to be new.

Damaged or worn electrical drives are analysed using software. The data is transferred via a hardware interface. This provides our assembly staff with many important parameters for analysing the drive. Combined with our many years of experience, defects can thus be efficiently determined and subsequently repaired.

Our well-trained team of mechanics ensures prompt repairs and maintenance of our components and assemblies. Several thousand spare parts are available in our warehouse for high-quality repair work. All original spare parts from the top brands of our manufacturers.

For electric motors, valves and assemblies, TRI-MATIC relies on excellent brands from global manufacturers, combined with local service and support from Switzerland. This means that the transport routes from you to us are short and so is the downtime of your plant or machine. We do everything to ensure that your system is available again on time.

If a repair does not seem to make sense, we will replace the product. We will be happy to clarify the technical possibilities and costs of a repair in relation to a replacement. You decide on the basis of concrete facts whether a repair or a new purchase is worthwhile.

Check with us whether you can get our electric motors, valves and assemblies going again. Contact us for more information about our repair service at +41 41 780 22 22 or For the sake of the environment.