Reliability and precision in assembly & quality control

In order to meet the ever-increasing demands on the quality of components, systems and solutions, a high degree of precision and efficiency is required. In component assembly, holistic systems and complete solutions are created from individual parts. With a holistic understanding of components and materials as well as consistent process reliability and a great deal of experience, we achieve the required result.

Documentation: Seamless and secure

Today, technical documentation and certificates are as important as the product itself. All our standard products are fully documented with technical data sheets, drawings, circuit diagrams and 3D models. We also create customer-specific data sheets, operating instructions and assembly sketches and describe test procedures in the languages you require. This is how you optimise your further processes.

Quality control: Monitor and optimise

The increasing quality demands of customers make comprehensive quality control an indispensable production step. With an actively practised organisational management system according to ISO 9001, we always monitor and optimise our production processes. The ISO 9001 certification confirms our quality management at a high level. Our customers can rely on us to work conscientiously and take their needs seriously.

Packaging & Labelling: Customised and environmentally friendly

Secure, stable packaging of all components with environmentally friendly packaging material is a major concern for us. In this way, we prevent possible damage during transport. We use natural materials to leave a small ecological footprint. We can flexibly adapt the packaging - also with your desired labelling - to your wishes. This saves you unnecessary repacking and facilitates your own logistical handling.

Step by step from the idea to your customised assembly group

Reliability and precision in assembly & quality control

TRI-MATIC sees itself not only as a supplier, but also as a consultant and partner in a project. Our developers and mechanics develop holistic assemblies with technical documentation. Contact us at +41 41 780 22 22 or for a consultation.