Pressure gauges customised to your application

Pressure gauges are used in a wide range of applications to measure pressure. The requirements for pressure gauges used in machines or on systems can be as varied as the processes and industries themselves.

Customised pressure gauges are our strength, as we respond to your individual wishes and requirements. Whether with your logo or company name, customised units or measuring ranges, special threads or plug-in couplings for the pressure connection: many pressure gauges can be individually and cost-effectively adapted. This enables us to meet the requirements of modern industrial customers from all over the world.

Particularly for larger series, recurring device types or special installation conditions, the costs for a customised connection are usually lower than the costs associated with adaptations to the device or the increased time required to install the pressure gauges.

Do you want to develop your specific device? Logos, brand and device names or area markings can be printed on the dials of the pressure gauges. This allows you to personalise the details of your pressure gauge. The initial costs for your logo on the pressure gauge are often lower than expected. This can be realised from small quantities.

We would be happy to show you the possibilities for customised pressure gauges, which can also be realised for your application. Contact us at +41 41 780 22 22 or