Play it safe: with engineering, visualisation and testing of assemblies

Thanks to 30 years of experience in the industry, TRI-MATIC is an experienced supplier of components and assemblies for industrial automation. Our strength lies in the engineering of simple to sophisticated solutions. The focus is always on your application, your process and your industry.

Consulting & engineering for technically and economically optimal product solutions

In basic engineering we outline the approach of the solution in the process. In detailed engineering, we use SolidWorks CAD to develop the concrete drawings, circuit diagrams and 3D models that you want and need.

Efficient process management with prototyping

In industrial automation, prototyping is mainly used where components for (new) developments are sought. Prototyping includes the planning, design, manufacturing and improvement process and makes efficient process management in industry possible.

3D models are particularly suitable for simulating real use cases and thus predicting effects. This prevents bad investments due to expensive waste production. This increases speed and efficiency in product development. Depending on the industry, application and type of model, prototyping takes a few hours to a few days. The goal is to test a real sample in a process as quickly as possible and to obtain a location determination.

Step by step from the idea to your customised assembly group

Play it safe: with engineering, visualisation and testing of assemblies

TRI-MATIC sees itself not only as a supplier, but also as a consultant and partner from the beginning of a project. Our developers and mechanics work hand in hand and guarantee high quality. The approved prototype serves as a template for the production of the upcoming series. In this way, we play it safe together and save time and money. Contact us at +41 41 780 22 22 or for a consultation.