Planning, drawing and documenting for industrial automation

Are you wondering whether TRI-MATIC can support you with drawings, 3D models and pneumatic circuit diagrams? Of course. We will be happy to help you with that. Projects in industrial automation often go through many steps. By producing customised drawings through to complete documentation in one step, we want to simplify your design and make your daily work easier.

Using the latest aids and software tools, we plan and draw simple and complex applications. We design your application entirely according to your requirements in your industry, select the right components and carry out calculations. All individual components are documented in detail.

We create most of the drawings, models and schematics with SolidWorks CAD. You can use the files directly for your subsequent tasks in the process. We also prepare assembly sketches and operating instructions for you in the languages you require.

This facilitates the planning of your machine or plant and the implementation of the individual components in accordance with the standards. Standards and directives such as ISO, IEC/EN, SIL, FDA, TA-Luft and ATEX are at the heart of everything we do.

At TRI-MATIC you will receive the technical support you need for your projects completely tailored to you. Contact us for more information at +41 (0)41 780 22 22 oder