Small, compact and safe: non-adjustable pressure regulator OxyReg for the medical sector

The OxyReg pressure regulator from TRI-MATIC is used worldwide in the medical industry in ventilation and anaesthesia equipment, including neonatal applications. It is manufactured for the media compressed air, oxygen and other neutral, non-aggressive gases at our site in Hünenberg according to Swiss quality standards.

The non-adjustable pressure reducer OxyReg provides a constant pressure. Preset to your desired outlet pressure of 1.0 to 9.0 bar, installation in your application is much easier as no adjustment is required. The risk of malfunction, tampering and pressure fluctuations is eliminated.

With its size of around 5cm and its weight of approximately 40g, this plastic regulator is space-saving and light. This is an enormous logistical advantage, especially nowadays, and leads to lower costs for transport compared to other regulators.

Protect your equipment against excessive pressures and pressure manipulations because of the factory presetting and increase your safety. Reduce your installation time thanks to the OxyReg pressure regulator and finally reduce your overall costs. Detailed information about the pressure regulator OxyReg can be found below. Click on the picture or start the explanatory video.

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