Assembly: Distributor for the control of a powder coating plant

The assemblies and their functions are very diverse and range from simple automations and assemblies to fully integrated solutions. One of the assemblies is a distributor for the control of a powder coating system.


For the control of a powder coating system, many pneumatic lines are needed to convey the powder. However, the number of pneumatic lines differs depending on the application and function. It was also crucial that the limited space available in the plant was respected.


The use of the required pneumatic lines and the desired number must be manually and quickly selectable. When the line is unhooked, the supply line must be blocked automatically.

For this pneumatic assembly, the focus was on manual commissioning and the limited space available in the system.


An aluminium profile with the correct length was manufactured for the distributor and fitted with 12 pneumatic couplings with non-return function. Since the distributor of the coating system is controlled manually, the distance between the individual couplings was designed in such a way that the coupling and uncoupling can be easily carried out by hand. The assembly and quality inspection are not necessary for the customer as the distributors are delivered ready to install and use.

In addition, the procurement process has been simplified. The customer now places only one order instead of five to different suppliers.

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