Michael Bucher, Head of Projects & Assembly, in the TRI interview

Michael Bucher, Head of Projects & Assembly at TRI-MATIC, answers seven questions about TRI-MATIC, the work and successes.

Michael Bucher, Head of Projects & Assembly at TRI-MATIC, answers seven questions about TRI-MATIC, the work and successes. Get to know the TRI employees and TRI-MATIC more personally as well!

1. Michael, how long have you been with TRI-MATIC?
I have happily been at TRI-MATIC for nine years now. In June 2011 I started as a 21-year-old polymechanical technician in the assembly department. In the following four years I did an extra-occupational education as Technician HF in mechanical engineering and took over further tasks in the company.

2. Describe TRI-MATIC in a few words.
Short and sweet: inviting, purposeful, caring. I feel welcomed - there is always room for all concerns. Nevertheless, we pursue clear and ambitious goals.

3. What is your job at TRI-MATIC and what do you like about your work?
As Head of Projects & Assembly, I am responsible, with my assembly team, for the technical realization of all assembly projects including the assembly itself. With the customer-specific and tailored assemblies, we also cover customer requirements in those areas of application where standard components cannot do the job.
I particularly like the diversity of my area of responsibility. This includes design, prototype construction and quality control. Supporting and working with my team is something that I really enjoy as well.

4. Do you have a success tip for our customers?
When we manufacture small and large series of tailored assemblies for our customers, we create a separate assembly line for the individual assembly steps according to the instructions to create a more efficient workflow process. Our employees complete a sub-assembly for the entire lot size before moving on to the next step instead of completing the entire assembly individually. The production with individual assembly lines increases productivity enormously. This is worthwhile for all companies with their own production facilities and assembly lines.

And my very personal motto is: Don't work hard, but smart. ?

5. What have you enjoyed most lately?
The cohesion and interaction in the team and in the whole TRI-MATIC despite the difficult Covid-19 time confirms me once more that I have chosen the right employer.

6. What is a successful day for you?
If I can offer praise. And even if I get compliments. It’s a great motivation.

7. What do you like to do most in your spare time?
I am a passionate tennis player and enjoy meeting friends.