Immense range of assemblies: From very simple to very complex, from very small to very large

By assemblies we mean custom-made products that are specifically tailored to your application and your company. So far, we have developed 600 different assemblies for different industries, using many components from our 10'000 standard products in the range.

The range of assemblies is immense: from very simple to very complex, from very light to very heavy, from very small to very large. The smallest assembly measures just 11 millimetres and the largest 1.7 metres. The lightest assembly weighs only 5 grammes and the heaviest 87 kilogrammes.

The smallest TRI-MATIC module: 11 mm small and yet large in function

The demands on TRI-MATIC's assemblies are as broad as the possible applications. The smallest assembly has a diameter of 11 millimetres and a length of 19.3 millimetres. The safety valve in hot beverage and food vending machines opens when a certain, predefined pressure is reached and closes again afterwards. It lets the compressed air flow out and lowers the pressure in the system. In our workshop, the valve for liquids and steam is adjusted, tested and sealed.

1,7 metres in size and big in performance

TRI-MATIC's largest assembly to date is 1,7 metres high, 60 cm wide and 30 cm deep. The hydraulic control panel distributes the water to various cooling circuits in a packaging machine for plastic tubes. Mounted on a steel base plate, the hydraulic control panel consists of a brass distribution block, brass water filter, pressure gauge, brass flow limiter, analogue thermometer, digital temperature sensor, flow meter, brass check valve, brass solenoid valve, brass ball valve, various brass fittings, pneumatic and hydraulic hoses and an air treatment unit. In the past, the components for the control panel were ordered from 13 different suppliers, now only from one, namely TRI-MATIC.

At 5 grams, particularly light and effective

The FDA-compliant plastic non-return valve is very light and allows the medium in the pipeline to flow in only one direction. In the event of backflow, it prevents the flow direction from being reversed and closes automatically by means of a closing element, which is closed by a spring when the pressure drops. Only when the direction of flow is correct does the non-return valve open again.

87 kg flap valve in nominal width DN400

The pneumatically driven TRI-AIRDISC COMPACT butterfly valve in the nominal size DN400 weighs a whopping 87 kg. The pneumatically driven butterfly valves are used to empty basins in a sewage treatment plant. For the dirty water sector, the wafer-type butterfly valves are supplied with the sealing material EPDM. The heaviest module also includes an IO-Link limit switch box, which was programmed by TRI-MATIC according to customer specifications and controls the switching on and off of the flaps.

Be inspired by the assemblies already developed.

Assemblies at a glance

No matter how heavy and how big an assembly is, TRI-MATIC is happy to fulfil your customised wishes. We combine your or perhaps our idea with the technical know-how of our employees. We are there for you when it comes to your new customised assembly. Contact us right away at +41 (0)41 780 22 22 or