Goodbye Thomas Marx: Great CEO interview at the departure

On the occasion of Thomas Marx's retirement from active business life, the former CEO and the new Co-CEOs were invited for an interview. Find out in the big CEO interview how the transition went, what the plans are and what function Thomas will take on in the future.

At the beginning of 2022, there was an important milestone in the history of the family business TRI-MATIC. The long-standing CEO, Thomas Marx, handed over the company's fate to younger forces thanks to a management buy-out. Jimmy Frey and Davide Casiello have since steered TRI-MATIC into the next generation as Co-CEOs.

1. Thomas, how has the transition been this year?

In my opinion, the last 12 months have gone great. At the beginning of the transition, we defined three key factors that had to work together:

  1. a new management that is ready to take on and tackle the new challenge,
  2. an old management that is willing to stand back, and last but not least
  3. a team that accepts the opportunity to get involved and walk the new path together.

We have managed all this well. Thus, the basis for a successful future has been laid. I would also like to mention that the new co-CEOs and the team have made it quite easy for me to stand back. Responsibility was taken on immediately in all areas and at all levels.

2. Davide, what impact will this have on the company?

The message of the MBO has been very well received by employees and business partners in late 2021 and early 2022. But as is the case with all big changes, expectations are high afterwards. For us as the new Co-CEOs, it was important to take on the new tasks quickly.

The market environment in 2022 was certainly challenging with the price increase and logistics bottlenecks. In this difficult situation, the new management and the whole team have proven that we can overcome challenges and pull together. This is also one of the strengths that has always distinguished TRI-MATIC.

3. Jimmy, how did you need to proceed to make the transition successful?

When Thomas and Maja decided to sell TRI-MATIC to two previous leaders with similar team spirit and values, it was already the beginning of a successful transition. Similarity also means stability.

We first had to learn to understand the daily tasks of a CEO and gain our own experience by taking over the leadership of the teams, supported by Thomas. We already have the first positive results: new ideas were created with high modern dynamics. The leaders in the company exchange ideas intensively. And both while maintaining the "one-team DNA" of TRI-MATIC.

4. Thomas, which memories will you treasure the most?

It has always given me particular pleasure when we have succeeded in inspiring employees and developing their skills. When I see how the quality, competence and performance of our "One Team" have increased over the years, it really makes an impression. Of course, the many long-standing relationships, which often go far beyond an ordinary working relationship, also have their place. What remains are the encounters you have with all the people.

5. Davide, how do you manage to work together as Co-CEOs?

Trust is a crucial success factor. We have always managed to have trust in each other. Then we evaluated the strengths of both of us and assigned areas in line with our strengths. Since we are both continuing some of our previous activities, it is all the more essential to get out of the daily business as much as possible.

The most important thing, however, is that we reserve fixed time slots for ourselves, take ourselves out of the daily business and direct our focus towards the future. Just like the motto: take out the map, plan the route and keep an eye out for upcoming obstacles in order to set the right sails.

6. Jimmy, what characterises the TRI-MATIC culture?

Our claim "we understand" fits well with what we strive for every day: To listen well to the customer as a partner and to be a supplier that offers added value. We want to develop together with our customers and identify and meet their expressed and unspoken future needs. And to do this with a team that is fully focused on service quality.

With the "One Team" we want to put our employees in the foreground by offering them recognition, trust and flexibility in their daily work. The human aspect is a common thread that Thomas and Maja have exemplified for us over the years. We are proud to take the helm and pass on the human values that will lead us to success.

7. Thomas, what function will you take on at TRI-MATIC in the future?

Officially, I will work as a consultant in the coming years and contribute to the company from an outside perspective. Effectively, I see myself as a friend and fan of TRI-MATIC. I will always remain that.

7. Davide, what are the plans for the next few years?

TRI-MATIC has an enormous talent pool with long-standing employees with broad and deep know-how, but new team members have also joined over the years with a fresh perspective. This mix of bundled energy needs to be aligned with the market situation so that we can deliver high TRI-MATIC quality.

We want to exchange and develop intensively within the departments and beyond, so that we can offer our customers added value with the right resources and products.

Thank you, Thomas, Jimmy and Davide, for the interview with you.

TRI-MATIC says thank you to Thomas Marx for his extraordinary commitment, for decades of passion for our company, for our customers, partners and employees.

With his retirement from active business life, a new phase of life full of freedom and new opportunities begins. TRI-MATIC wishes Thomas and Maja Marx only the very best for the time ahead.