From the idea to the solution: In 6 phases to the assembly

How is an assembly created at TRI-MATIC? Take a look at this practical example. With this reference project we show how we find a practical solution for a customer-specific challenge. This assembly is used in various areas like in power plants, vehicle construction, water, waste water or filtration applications. Roll the film!

When standard products do not cover the requirements, TRI-MATIC starts with customisation to your application. We combine your idea and ours with the expert advice and technical know-how of our staff.

With 360° visualisation, we sketch the approach of the new solution for your process. With SolidWorks CAD, we create the concrete 3D models, drawings and schematics you want. The 3D model is used to simulate the real application with the aim of producing a sample as quickly as possible to test in your process. This increases speed and efficiency in product development.

In the assembly of components, the products are assembled into the complete system. Thanks to our experience with the various components and materials, we achieve the required result in series production.

Today, technical documentation is just as important as the products themselves. We create customer-specific data sheets and instructions for you in the languages you require. The increasing demands of our customers make quality control an indispensable production step. We use quality management to monitor our processes. We can adapt the packaging to your individual wishes. This is how complete assemblies are created from a single source.