Employee interview with Eugen Thoma

What is it like to work at TRI-MATIC? TRI-MATIC employees talk about their experiences in short interviews. Today we asked Eugen Thoma, Assembly & Safety Manager, eight questions. As a trained polymechanic in the field of maintenance, Eugen Thoma has been working at TRI-MATIC since July 2004. Take a look at his story: Roll the film!

1. What do you do at TRI-MATIC?

I started at TRI-MATIC in 2004. In the beginning I was exclusively in assembly. Today I am also responsible for security and product photography.

2. Why did you choose TRI-MATIC?

I realised very quickly that TRI-MATIC is something special. There is something familiar about the company. I am not just a number here.

3. What do you like best about your work?

The work is very varied. I assemble a different assembly almost every day, make prototypes and coordinate safety in the company.

4. Hünenberg or Yverdon?

Hünenberg. I live in the city of Zug and Hünenberg is close by. So close that I can cycle to work.

5. Meat, fish or vegetables?

All 3 taste good to me and I try to eat as varied as possible.

6. Netflix, Instagram or newspaper?

None of the 3. I like to watch Blu Ray movies and series on my projector.

7. Run a marathon or chill on the beach?

I'm a sporty guy and like to jog, swim and go to the gym. But a marathon would be too much for me. Of course, I like to relax after sport.

8. What are your personal goals for the future?

At the moment I'm looking for a new flat, I'd like to travel more and discover the world again.