A whopping 10 years average length of service: long-serving employees are valuable

Long-serving employees are a valuable resource in a company. Thanks to the wealth of knowledge, skills and experience they bring to their tasks, long-serving employees are very important and influential. The longer employees are with the company and the happier they are, the more loyal they are to their employer. And when employees feel comfortable with their employer, it's almost as if they are travelling towards a second home on their working days.

TRI-MATIC's aim is to employ motivated, qualified and satisfied employees for many years and to honour them accordingly. The Co-CEOs, Davide Casiello and Jimmy Frey, were therefore able to say once again at the last anniversary celebration: "Congratulations on your work anniversaries. Today we are celebrating 10 years each for Rolf Amrein and Sascha Heder. Jan Bonitz, Anna Maria Capparelli, Manuel Hostettler and Hagos Zemenfes have been part of our One Team for 5 years. Long-standing employees are very valuable to our company. The average length of service of our 30 or so employees is a whopping 10 years. We are very proud of that."

Employees who have been part of the company for a long time master an incredible number of challenges that everyday life brings with it. Thanks to their many years of experience, regular training, motivation and commitment, TRI-MATIC develops customised solutions in industrial automation on a daily basis.

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